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Frequently Asked Questions

Campaign Name: Your Campaign name should be descriptive of the group of contacts that you are reaching out to. This may be descriptive based on industry, contact title, product or geography.

Pipeline Feature: You can customize up to 10 pipeline stages. These stages can be used to report on opportunities and keep your sales on track. Examples of Pipeline Steps are: Data Gathering, Generating Proposal, Proposal Delivered, Negotiation, Verbal Commitment, Legal. Note, if you do not have this feature turned on, all meetings will have the default pipeline value of “0-Meeting set by Click2Sell®”.

Detailed Section: Click2Sell® does not recommend that the content of the emails contain a lot of details. However, we understand that businesses sometimes require adding bulleted details that the contact will expect to see for a particular industry. If you feel you need to add many details to your emails add them to the detailed section in the content wizard. The bullets should be short and to the point and only include bullets that are very important. Be sure to reference “the bullet points below” in one of your benefit statements and Click2Sell® will include the bullets after your signature.

Find Contacts: Securing the most accurate and appropriate contacts for your industry is critical to the success of the Click2Sell® campaign. Spend some time thinking of who the ideal contact is for your business. Is it based on geography, title, industry, size of company, public or private sector? Use our wizard to find the most accurate contacts in the industry. Typically, the more contacts a subscriber has in a campaign the more meetings will be set. Click2Sell® recommends that most companies start with 750-1000 contacts with the plans to grow the campaign aggressively to 2500 or more. Remember, if you already have contacts, simply use our upload feature.

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